80/20 in Fitness & Food!!!

September 01, 2017

80/20 in Fitness & Food!!!

The core tends to be a primary pain point when attempting to lose weight. The famous 80/20 rule we use when finding a partner should also be applied to diet and exercise.  Losing weight is more complex than just working out and staying active. The food used to fuel your body is a primary factor that impacts weight loss, and gain. To all my gym goers that struggle with losing your core, have you ever wondered why your results are not in line with your workout efforts?  Well, just like you would not fuel your high-end car with unleaded gas, you must also not fuel your body with low end food. In addition, basic input vs output determines body mass. If you are putting in more energy than you are expelling your body will store. Unlike cars that have only a specific amount of storage allotted per vehicle, the human body has the ability to store energy (fat) to theoretically be used later.  When attempting to lose weight or expel energy, one must burn off more energy than what is being used daily. In other words, you need to drive around and burn the gas before you go pump again!!! Not only do you not want to ‘overfill’ your tank, but you need to fill your tank with premium gas.


What are the next steps?


Keep a healthy balanced diet.  Cut back on the fatty and fried foods such as bread, pasta, sugar and liquor. They are NOT your friend when trying to lose weight. I know, I know these are a few are our favorite things. However, by changing your diet (this is a lifestyle not temporary) can greatly impact your weight loss and target that stubborn tummy fat. 


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